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Britney Malone

Age 13

Compton, California

Upward bound, she never stopped striving

She had a dream: “She said she wanted to be a firefighter, but I know she really just wanted to save the world. She had so much promise,” said her cousin, Shayla Greene.

She wanted to be a cheerleader, but her parents didn’t have the $300 to buy her a uniform. Those kinds of obstacles didn’t stop her from dreaming. A freshman at Compton High School, she had just been accepted into Upward Bound, which meant she could take college-level classes.

Britney Malone and her stepfather were shot and killed in their home by her stepbrother on Sept. 28, 2018, in Compton, California. She was 13 years old.

By Tong Xin Emily Yu · Age 16
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